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The Angry Patient

Join the Communication Skills Program, where you'll develop the communication skills essential for any successful medical professional. This program offers a blend of practical experience and insightful learning, empowering you to conduct patient-centered medical interviews and physical examinations with confidence. You'll engage directly with volunteer patients, practicing real-world scenarios that enhance your ability to listen, empathize, and respond effectively. Beyond patient interactions, the program also focuses on teamwork and collaboration within the healthcare environment, preparing you for the multifaceted nature of modern medical practice. Ideal for aspiring physicians, this program is a stepping stone to mastering the art of communication in healthcare, setting you on a path to become not just a skilled doctor, but a truly effective communicator.

What Will You Learn?

Handling Challenging Interactions: Develop the ability to manage difficult conversations, a crucial skill for showcasing your interpersonal capabilities in interviews.
Emotional Intelligence: Learn to navigate and respond to intense emotions, demonstrating your capacity for empathy and understanding in patient care scenarios.
Crisis Management Skills: Acquire techniques for maintaining composure and control in high-stress situations, reflecting your potential for handling real-life medical challenges.
Effective Communication Under Pressure: Practice clear and compassionate communication, even under pressure, illustrating your readiness for the demanding nature of medical practice.
Conflict Resolution: Gain insights into resolving conflicts, an essential skill for medical professionals that interviewers look for.
Self-Reflection and Accountability: Understand the importance of self-reflection and accountability in medical practice, showcasing your maturity and professionalism.
Collaborative Approach in Difficult Situations: Demonstrate your ability to work collaboratively to solve problems, a key aspect sought after in future medical students.
These learning outcomes align with the skills and qualities medical school interviewers are looking for, preparing you to excel in your interviews and future medical career!
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