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Interview Approach: 5 Paragraph Video Essay

Why the 5 paragraph video essay



Using the 5 Paragraph Essay Format in Medical School Interviews
In this course, we'll explore how to use the five-paragraph essay format to answer interview questions effectively. This method is great for organizing your thoughts quickly and making sure your answers are clear and impactful.
1. Three Key Points for Easy Planning
The beauty of this format is that you only need to think of three main points. This makes planning your answer in the short 1-2 minute brainstorming time before responding much easier. Your introduction and conclusion are there to start and end your answer on a strong note, framing your three main points neatly.
2. Perfect Timing
Using three points helps you keep your answer within a 4-6 minute window. This is just the right amount of time to give detailed answers without losing the interviewer's interest. It's long enough to explain each point well, but not so long that your answer drags on.
3. Fits Many Question Types
This format works for all sorts of questions, whether they're personal (like "Why do you want to be a doctor?"), about your strengths, or even broader topics like healthcare policies (such as "What do you think about the legalization of cannabis in Canada?"). It's a flexible way to structure your answers to different kinds of questions.
4. Stay On Track
Having a set structure with three main points ensures you always stay focused on the question. It gives you a clear path for your answer, but there's also room to talk more or less about each point as needed. This way, you can adjust your answer to fit the question and the time you have.
In Summary
The five-paragraph essay format is a great tool for medical school interviews. It helps you quickly organize your thoughts, manage your time, and make sure your answers are comprehensive and on-point. With practice, this format can really improve your ability to answer a variety of questions effectively, showing off your critical thinking and communication skills.