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Interview Approach: STARR method

What is the STARR method?



The STARR method is an advanced variant of the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) technique, widely used in behavioral interviews. STARR stands for Situation, Task, Action, Result, and Reflection. This method is particularly effective in structured interviews, such as those for medical school admissions, where applicants are expected to demonstrate not only their experiences and skills but also their ability to reflect on and learn from these experiences.


Begin by describing the context or background of the scenario you're discussing. This should be a specific event or situation, preferably relevant to the field of medicine or healthcare.


Outline the specific task or challenge you were faced with in the situation. This helps to clarify your role and the expectations placed upon you.


Detail the specific actions you took to address the task. This is where you demonstrate your problem-solving skills, leadership, teamwork, and other relevant competencies.


Explain the outcome of your actions. Focus on what you achieved and the impact of your efforts, ideally highlighting positive results.


This is what sets STARR apart from STAR. Reflect on the experience and share what you learned from it. This shows self-awareness, a critical trait for medical professionals.