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Timed Scenario 10

Scenario: Jennifer is a university student who is a fan of romantic novels from the 19th century, such as Pride and Prejudice. She decides to start a club dedicated to those novels called the Old Romantic Books Club. Heather identifies as a member of the LGTBQ+ community and told Jennifer that these books glorify heterosexual relationship and make her feel bad about herself. She asked Jennifer not to form this club.

What should Jennifer do with the Old Romantic Books Club?

If Jennifer decides to go ahead with the club, what are ways to make it more inclusive to LGBTQ+ students like Heather?

Heather decided to open her own club called the LGBTQ+ Pride Society, which only allows LGBTQ+ members. Jennifer tells Heather that this is discriminatory against her. What should Heather do? Is this an example of exclusion?