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Timed Scenario 4

Scenario: It is your fourth day at your new job as an office assistant. After your shift ends, your coworkers invite you out to dinner with them. You are happy because you hope that this opportunity can help create a friendly work environment. However, as time passes, you notice an inappropriate trend in the jokes they are making. They point out people's physical characteristics and make inappropriate comments. These inappropriate jokes make you uncomfortable, but you know that you will have to see your coworkers every day, and you want to have a positive relationship with them.

Some of the inappropriate jokes affect you because they are specific to your identity. Do you say something, or do you simply laugh along with your coworkers?

Suppose the jokes are not directed to you but you can tell that another member in the group is feeling uncomfortable by the comments. How would you react differently?

Describe a time when you were in a group and you stood up against the group in expressing what you felt was right.