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Timed Scenario 5

Scenario: You are the captain of your high school basketball team. Your team has been preparing all season for regional championships, which are now one week away. You get a call from your mother, in distress, saying that her sister has died unexpectedly. You have never been close to your aunt but she has been very close to your mom and extended family. The funeral is on the same day as your regional championships and it would be very challenging to make it to both.

Your mother has made it clear in the family group chat that it would mean very much if everyone in the family could show their support. Everyone in the family has put aside their plans to attend the funeral. Do you attend the funeral or the basketball game? Why?

Describe a time when you had to make a similarly challenging decision.

What is your strategy for managing conflicting demands in your life? What would you change to this strategy moving forward?